Envirowise – Trane – FLRQB5AH23M11

$88.00 available on subscription

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Removes dust and allergens from environment.

Box of 2 Air Filters is $88.00, plus shipping & taxes.

Filter lasts up to 6 month

Quick and easy replacement


Synthetic fiber in Chipboard frame

Ships flat – Expands within 60 seconds



Envirowise Trane FLRQB5AH23M11 a type of air filter is designed to replace Trane Quikbox and TFM filters

Air filters are essential in order to clean the air that circulates through your cooling and heating system. There are many different types of air filters to suit your needs. The Envirowise Trane FLRQB5AH23M11 is designed to provide the best air-filtering available for Trane Air Conditioning units. You should pick Envirowise Trane FLRQB5AH23M11 since it removes dust and allergens from the environment, its quick and easy replacement, Synthetic fiber in Chipboard frame, and even last up to 6 months.

With the severe drought conditions in Texas there is an increase in the amount of soil particles in the air.  Quality air filters for your home air conditioning and heating units are essential to maintain clean air to breathe.  Asthma and other respiratory conditions are triggered by dirty air.

Many homeowners in Florida and the southeast United States seek these filters to be defensive about their air quality.  Did you know that the air inside your home can be more polluted than the air outside your home? In San Antonio and the surrounding areas, we often hear of smog and ozone levels being high and dangerous to our health, but the indoor air quality of your home can impact your and your family’s health.

A good indoor air quality system does more than just supplement your HVAC system. It ensures the health and comfort of your family. Long term effects of high pollutant levels can be detrimental to family members with allergies and asthma. It can even cause perfectly healthy people to feel sick and exacerbate that sickness.

Climate Control Heating and Air Sales and Service offers several air filtration product options to meet the needs of your home or business. For almost 60 years, we have made the comfort and health of our area residents our number one priority. We are ready to create a custom plan to improve your home’s indoor air quality today.


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